Report Ethical Hacking supports the safety of its customer's assets and data, the environment we provide them, as well as the health of our partners, peers and the Internet broadly.

To assist that greater good encourages security researchers, white hat hackers and our users to report security flaws that they may discover through our Security Vulnerability Responsible Disclosure Policy.

This document describes what to report and how to do it in a way that protects our customers, and the reporting individual from negative consequences.

The public disclosure of security flaws on systems or products puts other users at risk. Therefore we ask that you give us a reasonable timeframe in which to mitigate or remediate the problem before releasing any details to the security community or the public at large. This timeframe may vary according to the complexity of the issue however it will usually not exceed 30 days.

If you follow this process in good faith and especially avoid the behaviors listed in What Not To Do section of the policy we will not bring any lawsuit against you nor report your activity to law enforcement.